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 Yearly Forecast/Birthday Reading

Whether it's your birthday or you are welcoming the New Year, Yearly Forecast Readings are an exciting celebration of self and a distinctively intimate time that welcomes individual reflection on the previous year, as well as excitement for the year ahead!


​Through Velva Dawn’s masterful assistance, you will be circumnavigated through a comprehensive reading and live channeled meditation designed to prepare you for your most successful and abundant year yet!


​No matter which annual session you choose, (Birthday Readings will occur on your birthday whereas Yearly Forecast Readings occur toward the new calendar year), you will receive messages significant to any area you wish to seek transparency, including career, relationships, spiritual development and more. You will learn who your Goddess of the Year is and which crystals, meditations, affirmations, and healing elixirs to be most beneficial for your continued support and expansion.


​You will emerge from your session with a point of centre that is balanced within total neutrality, subsequently resulting in an expansive, freshly aligned energy. You will feel ready to welcome your next chapter with an outlook replete with clarity and ready to amplify all your intentions over the next 12 months.


Upon receipt of your purchase, please contact Velva Dawn at to schedule your session.

For Goddess Healing Matrix© alumni and Step into the Void subscribers, please reach out to Velva Dawn directly to arrange an e-transfer at the discounted pricing.


$333.00 (GST Included)

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