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Are you seeking expansion within your spiritual walk with the Universe? Have you reached a point where you are ready to further develop your intuition, healing capabilities, and energetic input/output? Or perhaps you are looking to restore yourself after trauma and reclaim your empowerment and strengths.

You may simply be looking for a change and are feeling prepared to become the person you were born to be, ready to claim and harness all the abundance that source offers us every day.


A mentorship with Velva Dawn will provide insight, information, and wisdom you can apply in your everyday life. Achieve an energetic balance by heightening your intuitive abilities, and learn methods of releasing old programming, grief, trauma, shame, and pain as you deeply explore your intentions and messages from your higher heart.


Velva Dawn offers 4-week and 8-week mentorship opportunities. Mentorship includes one 30 minute meeting per week, one 90 minute healing session per week, and unlimited communication over email. If you pay for the program up front you will also receive a free 30 minute session.

Payment plans available, please reach out to Velva Dawn to arrange for e-transer. Upon purchase, please reach out to Velva Dawn at to arrange your mentorship.

4 week Mentorship Program $1,516.20 (GST Included)

8 week Mentorship Program $1,982.40 (GST Included)


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