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Goddess & Divine Feminine Healing

In this intensive healing session designed to help balance and bring zero neutrality of the Divine Feminine within both men and women, you will be guided into a space of richly manifested stillness and compassion while tapping into your personal healing sanctuary within, nourishing you in mind, body, and spirit.


The Goddess and Divine Feminine Healing session is layered through quantum physic energy while laying upon an amethyst bio mat for a deep aura cleansing. (*Available for in person sessions only. In case of Zoom audio sessions, Velva Dawn will intend the energy of the bio mat for your benefit).


​As Velva Dawn eases you through this custom channeled healing you will experience dynamics of soul travel, dip into realms of subconsciousness memory and bridge a healing connection between the Divine goddesses and your innermost state of higher being.


​Using coordinating crystal and energy healing, Velva Dawn will begin by sharing the goddesses who would like to work with you and talk about how you would like to expand during your healing encounter. She will tap into your physical body & energy field and identify any visceral signs of obstructions or congestion from past and present life experiences. She will guide you through communication and healing with your inner child (if applicable) and balance your feminine & masculine energies, soothing and clearing the root cause of distress.


​Velva Dawn will then ease the flow of gentle energy back through your crown all the way down to your toes, leaving your physical temple a finely tuned conduit free of old belief systems & habits, and a readiness to expand into a higher, healthier channel of being.


​You will emerge from your session feeling present with a fresh sense of clarity, renewed energy, profound healing, and verve in your physical temple. Your chakras will be cleansed, tuned & aligned, and stasis wholly attained.


​Every healing session is uniquely created for the individual client, leaving no two sessions alike. You will experience the manifestation of an authentically channeled healing session within a deep seated atmosphere of serenity, trust, and peace.


Sessions are 90 minutes. Upon receipt of your purchase, please contact Velva Dawn at to schedule your session. For Goddess Healing Matrix© alumni,

please reach out to Velva Dawn directly to arrange an e-transfer at the discounted pricing.

$333.00 (GST Included)

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