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Higher Priestess Practitioner™ Certified Instructor Mentorship Program is a 3 day workshop where you will exclusively train with Velva Dawn Silver, further exploring the stories & secrets of 13 more goddesses and connecting to their infinite energies that permeate the core of The Goddess Healing Matrix System™.

This program will also be the beginning of a 12-month mentorship with Velva Dawn, designed to help you develop confidence as a Higher Priestess Practitioner™ Certified Instructor and cultivate a more intimate partnership with The Goddess Healing Matrix System™

The Higher Priestess Practitioner™ Certified Instructor Mentorship Program will assist you in integrating all that you’ve learned as you moved through the Higher Priestess Practitioner™ trilogy, opening a life destined for unleashed, wide open, infinite expansion.


During this 12 month Mentorship program you will join Velva Dawn every month for a 90 minute zoom session, assist in instructing upcoming Higher Priestess Practitioner™ levels, and receive one 60 minute healing session per month.


To participate you must have completed and passed Higher Priestess Practitioner Level 1™, Level 2™, and Goddess Master. There is no exam for this course.

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Higher Priestess Practitioner  Certified Instructor Mentorship Program

December 5-7, 2024


Maximum enrollment 5

$5,248.95 (GST Included)

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