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The Keys of Truth with Isis

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Have you been feeling the call to go deeper within your innate knowing?


Expand your inner communication?


Manifest through the ancient light codes of Egypt


Join Velva Dawn for this ancient yet powerful cosmic journey through the sacred sites of Egypt energetically, for a deep lasting powerful inner expansion with Isis.

I will be sharing the ancient Egyptian light codes from the Emerald Tablets as well as the downloads that you need specifically from each sacred site on Egyptian soil unique to your DNA. We will be connecting to the Great Sphinx, The Great Pyramid, the Step Pyramid, Temple Dendara - Hathor Temple, Temple Karnak, The 7 Gates of Osiris, Temple of Luxor, Valley of the Monkeys, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, The Temple of Both, Edfu Temple- Horus, and the Temple of Philae- Isis.

The time is now to awaken the Keys Of Truth that each higher priest/higher priestess has embedded within your genetic DNA. You may have a deep knowing that you have a bigger purpose on this planet Earth and are now beginning to dig deep into the buried treasure of your own innate wisdom.


The divine feminine energy has gently been supporting the human collective with unconditional love from the source of our Divine Creator for lifetimes. You are now beginning to connect with these sacred energies through many outlets of media and of course within the heart space. This is where true creation begins, is in the very center of the heart space, the home of your soul, the void of the infinite.The treasury of light has been being birthed through the cracks of time as we begin to implode the old systems and values. So the remnants of the old archetypes will be invisible to those who have constructed the expansive perception of light.

As we rise together in a deep sacred trust we evolve into the supportive expanded awareness that each of us can sink into our authentic bodies of the central inner knowing. The inner DOS will be aware of all that goes on around. No more hiding. No more lying. Complete exposure will be unearthed through the divine motherly love of Mother Earth. She is slowly supporting the disclosure of the elements of the ego showering those with the inadequacy of truth.

Trust that all is in divine order and that the time for complacence truth no longer exists on this nonlinear dimension. For we are all one and the segregation is absolving one heart beat at a time.

I am your divine Mother who will be watching over you as we step into these earthly roles to awaken the sacred treasures with the bodily structures. Expanded light will be our new truth. Trusting will be the norm. Being in the flow is essential. And for this we are ready and able. May we walk upon the Earth as we walk upon the floor of the temple.

Payment plans are available.

Class schedule is held over four Wednesday sessions:

February 28, March 6, 13, 20

4:30 pm - 6 pm MST

All sessions are held over Zoom

The weekly sessions will be recorded.
You will receive a workbook upon registration.
You will receive a group healing with downloads.

A crystal ankh will also be given to each person registered that carries the energy of the Egyptian soil to support your awakening.

This is a 4 week course.
No prerequisite is required.
Registration opens February 5, 2024; limited spots


Feel free to check out here,or e-transfer to
Cost: 444.00 plus GS
T (tax is included in the cart/check out price, for a total of $466.20)

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