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Unwinding the Divine Masculine

The Divine Masculine has been beseeching to unwind for quite some time, and the Divine Feminine encourages assisting this unfolding from a heart spaced center and through a lens of the masculine relationships in their lives.

​We all possess the contrast of masculine and feminine, and the unwinding of these traits is necessary to achieve a balanced compass and zero neutrality.

​An Unwinding healing session is an invitation to embark on the journey necessary to eradicate outdated, patriarchal programming and belief systems that you have simply outgrown. You will begin to shed your armor and learn what it means to authentically feel and how to express those emotions in a way that is productive and freeing.

As Velva Dawn continues to help ease you into whole stasis, you will unravel your truth and slowly move back into center, emerging from your healing session feeling rested, clear, and exponentially lighter.

Sessions are 90 minutes. Upon receipt of your purchase, please contact Velva Dawn at to schedule your session. For Goddess Healing Matrix© alumni,

please reach out to Velva Dawn directly to arrange an e-transfer at the discounted pricing.


$333.00 (GST Included)

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