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Join Velva Dawn, creator of The Goddess Healing Matrix System™, author of Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses and Awakening of the Divine Oracle deck, for a two hour online course to help you connect with the Awakening of the Divine Oracle deck. In these two hours Velva Dawn will explain the very unique steps to consecrate your cards before initial use, how to clear your deck, and how to connect with each of the 45 goddesses. When connected to this feminine energy a very sacred deep healing and expansion occurs. Please note that your registration fee does not include an oracle deck.

There will be time for questions about the deck and the goddesses as well as a guided meditation to help you ease into the space of the feminine aspect of the heart for deep healing and expansion. This course is for beginners, and all that are interested in using this deck specifically.

Course requirements: It is highly recommended that each student has the Awakening of the Divine Oracle deck to use during this course. You can purchase your deck here by choosing the deck and course option when checking out. ($29.95 plus tax and $14.00 shipping within Canada)

Learn to Read Oracle Cards with Velva Dawn

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