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HPP Level I is an initiation into the divine feminine energy of the goddesses where you will experience a multi-level training experience, unlocking the ancient secrets of 10 goddesses from Isis to Green Tara. Heighten your intuition, spark & unleash your inner goddess, and emerge profoundly moved, deeply peaceful, and thoroughly infused with fluid, graceful, celestial energy.​​


Working with the first 10 goddesses in Velva Dawn’s book Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses, the Level I experience will produce a spirit of emancipation, deep healing on a heart & soul level and an awakening of deep-rooted, infinite wisdom.


With a primary focus on your Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart chakras, you will cultivate a deep-seated releasing of cognitive distortions and detrimental patterns. You will learn how to respond to all life’s circumstances from an expansive space that feels gloriously empowered. You will connect with and begin to heal your inner child, recognize your own traits of masculine & feminine energies, and learn the significance of self-nourishment and how to immediately implement the act of putting yourself and needs first.


You will begin a journey into sacred geometry, crystal healing, and truly learning how to harness the goddess wisdom and energy. You will align with a fresh, spacious & balanced energy that will leave you having witnessed your own expansive, gorgeous transformation.

If you are prepared for a deep dive and an authentic look within, then you are prepared to journey into HPP Level I. Even if you have already embarked on your healing journey or are a practicing healer, the GHMS experience invites you to further open your intuition, clear your lens and heal at a greater level.

Maximum enrollment 20


$999.00 plus GST CA (Total Price of $1048.95, tax included in check out price)

Higher Priestess Practitioner Level 1

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