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Goddess Girl Power


Together with Velva Dawn, you and your group will be encouraged to learn what it takes to be a confident, strong, authentic, and intuitively connected young lady. You will learn what it takes to say no to things that do not align with your higher energies and say yes to healthy choices. You will learn to harness the goddess energy, how to navigate your path with clarity, and the wisdom to execute everything you’ve learned within an essence of kindness. You will learn the significance of staying connected with Mother Nature and doing things that leave you feeling fulfilled and joyful as you traverse the maturing process. And, if applicable, facilitate deep healing and total release of past traumas or circumstances that may have taken root up to this point.


This one day workshop familiarizes and eases you into connection with your innate clairvoyant abilities, intuitive acquaintance within your chakras, the necessity around creating & instilling personal goals, how to maintain a healthy energy body, identifying & trusting ‘gut’ feelings and the inner trust to follow them, and the journey into working with crystals & oracle cards.

You will emerge feeling independently empowered, prepared to take on life’s challenges and the inner trust to call upon the goddess energy, all within spirit of supportive sisterhood!


$189.00 (Includes GST CA)

In person only

Goddess Girl Power

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