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5D Deep Dive & Healing Meditation


Designed to loosen & release the tensions of daily life, your intuitive deep dive session will commence with Velva Dawn easing and supporting you into a breathing based centre that will deepen your intuitive and empathetic connection to self, healing connection with nature, and assist in awakening a delicate yet profound awareness that will leave you reveling in synergized flow.

As you sink into a deep state of relaxation and trust, Velva Dawn will access the root cause of symptoms within your physical and emotional bodies, tenderly lifting and releasing any layers of pain presenting themselves within. You will notice physical pain and emotive stressors begin to dull and in place discover a profound sense of calming bliss and relaxation. You will be guided in discovering your true inner purpose and develop an enhanced self-awareness, unlocking and honing your own intuitive and clairvoyant abilities.

​Like with all of Velva Dawn’s sessions, this deep dive will be masterfully channeled through the lens of the divine feminine and the powerful energies of the 5D, leaving no two sessions alike. You will discover your inner narrative and landscape intricately merged between the natural and spiritual worlds, encountering a rapid release of any energies no longer benefiting your waking life, and will emerge from your deep dive with a heart based sense of harmony, restoration, and peace.

All appointments are over Zoom Audio unless specified otherwise. Upon receipt of your purchase, please contact Velva Dawn at to schedule your session.


$333.00 GST included

5D Deep Dive & Healing Meditation

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