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When you feel the call to RISE…

When your heart is longing for a deeper experience of LIFE &LOVE…

When you know in your soul that there is more for you…

The Priestess is Awakening!

This is your invitation to embark on a life-changing journey of discovery that will connect you to the energy of the 10 most powerful goddesses as a bridge to activating your High Priestess potential.


You see the goddesses and the energy they project are buried deep within you. They are powerful and very much alive ...


They are willing to offer you healing, wisdom, and bliss ...

And they are waiting for you to call them forth!


There’s a Priestess Inside You, and it’s Time to Let Her Lead!


Enter the portal of the priestess NOW!

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For too long, you have been told not to trust your intuition. Or perhaps you have been unjustly ridiculed for the intense emotional potency that you feel every day…


It’s time for that to change by lighting the spark that will teach you to embrace that stunning intuition of yours, unleash your inner goddess, and emerge profoundly changed as the source of Divinity and wisdom you are!


Light the Spark

Embrace the Magic of The Divine Feminine

And Activate The High Priestess from within!


Magic Is Flowing Through You… Do You Have the Courage to Unleash it?


Presented by Velva Dawn

​HPP Level I is an initiation into the divine feminine energy of the goddesses where you will experience a multi-level training experience, unlocking the ancient secrets of 10 goddesses from Isis to Green Tara.


During this deeply transformational journey, you will heighten your intuition, spark Divine intelligence, and emerge profoundly changed, deeply peaceful, and thoroughly infused with celestial energy.​​

Working with the first 10 goddesses in Velva Dawn’s book, Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses, the Level I experience will produce a spirit of emancipation, powerful healing on a heart & soul level, and an awakening of deep-rooted, infinite wisdom.


Module 1- Isis

Isis energy is there to help you find balance within. Life has distracted you from your natural state of balance and bliss. Isis comes forth to remind you of who you are and how you are meant to walk through life. In this module, we ignite the higher priestess flame


Module 2- Mother Mary

Mother Mary is often misunderstood as a martyr energy. And if you’ve been putting the needs of others ahead of your own, her energy is blocked within you. You see Mother Mary’s energy exists to help you release the vibration of obligation and sink into self-love in the most beautiful way, revealing the confident and grounded priestess that lives in your heart.


Module 3- Dana

Dana is the Celtic Goddess, there to help unlock the ancient wisdom deep within and to clear the female lineage. You see you hold the DNA of your ancestors and sometimes ancestral DNA from centuries ago can wreak havoc on the life you are experiencing today. This is a powerful module that clears away any energy you hold that doesn’t belong to you!


Module 4 – Pele

Pele is the Hawaiian goddess there to amplify your passion! Pele is the Goddess of clarity, and as you activate her energy within you, you burn away the old lens that is stopping you from clearly seeing the life you are MEANT to live. In essence, this module clears the fog so that you may finally see your destiny!


Module 5- Luna

Luna is a powerful cosmic energy that reconnects you to where you came from- the moon and the stars. Consider the power of the moon. The moon lights the world in the darkness, moves the tides of the ocean and influences the moods and behaviors of everyone sleeping under her watch. Luna connects you to the moon crystal, amplifying your own intuition and sphere of influence!


Module 6- Aine

Aine is the Celtic Goddess of JOY!  As we grow from child to woman, the world chips away at our innocence, our imagination and our wonder. Soon we forget that we have magic running in our veins and we fall victim to autopilot, to habit, to distraction. When you call forth Aine, you are reawakened to the qualities of spontaneity, the wonder of the inner child and the freedom that comes with endless possibilities!


Module 7- Brigit

Brigit is the Celtic triple goddess of the virgin and the sage. She is brave and strong and helps you step into your self-dignity, speaking your truth loud and courageously with total faith in your own ability to rise and thrive! With Brigit awakened within you, there is nothing you’ll fear and nothing you can’t handle!


Module 8-Artemis

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of feminine strength. She is there to remind you that are protected by a Divine council, that Divine DNA is a part of you! She is the goddess of the hunt and of wild nature, reconnecting you to your OWN wild and natural energy as a suit of armor against anything that threatens your natural state of core strength and Divinity.


Module 9-Sedna

Sedna is the Inuit Goddess. When you activate Sedna’s energy in your life, you open the cosmic connection to the infinite supply of knowledge, clarity and miracles. The portal to ALL dimensions is opened wide for you and you’ll know exactly what to do, how to receive and the secrets to magnetizing whatever you need.


Module 10- Green Tara

Green Tara is the eastern Goddess there for your comfort, your self-care and the energy of the queen. The queen does not attempt to be super woman. The queen delegates. The queen builds a team around her, knowing that she is at her best when she is calm, when she has space and when she is supported. Green Tara infused you with the energy of the Priestess who stands strong her conviction and gracefully allows the help and service of others.


There is something new awaiting you!


In this new reality, you walk through life with your head held high, your shoulders back, your Divine intelligence lighting the way, and the energy of the Priestess beaming out from your heart.

 Level 1

Date Feb 9-11, 2023

Time 9:30-4:30 pm

Location: Courtyard Calgary South

3750 Market Street SE

Calgary AB 

Phone 1-587-349-7599


Lodging and Meals not Included 


Level 1 is your time to return to your energetic self, healing from within and creating a stable foundation by learning how to effectively serve, heal

and inspire others from a space of putting YOU first.


With a primary focus on your Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart chakras, you will:


  • Cultivate a deep-seated release of cognitive distortions and detrimental patterns.


  • Learn how to respond to all life’s circumstances from an expansive space that feels gloriously empowered.


  • Connect with and begin to heal your inner child so you can step into the energy of the Sovereign woman


  • Recognize your own traits of masculine & feminine energies and discover how to merge them in Divine union


  • Learn the significance of self-nourishment and how to immediately implement the act of putting yourself and your needs first.


  • Begin a journey into sacred geometry, crystal healing, and truly learning how to harness the wisdom and energy of the goddesses.


  • Align with a fresh, spacious & balanced energy that will leave you having witnessed your own expansive, gorgeous transformation.


If you have ever felt like there is untapped energy inside you that no one else understands…


If you feel the mystic pull and allure of the stories of ancient goddesses…


If you long to feel a connection to them and the virtues they represent…


It’s time to embrace a new path and start your journey as a healer while discovering a whole new world of possibilities.


If you are prepared for a deep dive and an authentic look within, then you are prepared to journey into HPP Level I.


Even if you have already embarked on your healing journey or are a practicing healer, the Higher Priestess Practitioner experience invites you to further open your intuition, clear your lens and heal at a higher level from a higher realm of knowledge!


Answer the Call of the 10 Goddesses and Embrace Your New Life as a Certified Higher Priestess Practitioner!

The goddesses are calling your name… will you answer their call?


By activating the energy of the 10 goddesses and electing to take this course to become a Higher Priestess Practitioner, your life will be truly changed…


You will be taught how to embrace self-love and how putting yourself first can restore balance to your life while healing from the integrations of your past lives as you work towards an aligned present… one in which you will embrace and understand yourself completely. 


Becoming a Higher Priestess Practitioner is more than an investment in yourself, it’s a way to help others as it will set you on the path of becoming a healer with a wealth of wisdom you can use to make the world a better place for all.


The Goddesses Have Stayed With You… They have waited.


And now it’s time.


Start Your Journey to Become a Higher Priestess Practitioner!




​HPP Level II invites you to unfurl the ancient secrets of 10 more goddesses from Velva Dawn’s book, Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses, where you will broaden your spectrum of intuition & lens of awareness, increase your ability to recognize & heal misalignment within yourself and clientele, and truly harness & tap into the frequencies of the divine feminine, further refining your intuition so that it’s clearer and more accurate than ever before.

​You will focus primarily on your Heart, Throat, 3rd eye and Crown chakras and will delve deeper into your own personal spiritual healing while supported within The Goddess Healing Matrix System ®™.  You’ll learn to connect with the phases of the moon, create your own healing elixirs and deepen your understanding of crystal healing all whilst becoming more advanced in your meditation and channeling abilities.

Your continued journey into sacred geometry, the divine feminine and chakra & crystal healing will enhance all your clairsenses to be sharper and increasingly precise. You’ll also begin to integrate everything you’ve learned by working with clients, voluntarily completing 13 practical

healing sessions on family, friends, or established clients before the classroom portion of this level.

​HPP Level II is an approach requiring full-on personal commitment to self-healing, lending an in-depth methodology into heightening intuition and clairs, fluidity in being able to recognize, heal & release past lives, increased self-awareness & nurturing, further knowledge working with crystals

and their healing proprieties, and the importance of living a wholly accountable lifestyle.

​To further support your HPP Level II journey, you will be given exclusive access to a private Goddess Healing Matrix ®™ Alumni Facebook group for continued support and connection, where you are encouraged to ask questions, engage, and interact in a fully supported, expansive environment.


​Maximum enrollment 10

​$1800.00 plus GST CA

(Total Price of $1,890.00, tax included in check out price)

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HPP Goddess Master is the final level of the Higher Priestess Practitioner ®™ trilogy, where you will become intimately acquainted with the last 11 goddesses in Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses. There are two parts to this trilogy: Part 1 is the theory education component and Part 2 is the practical component, done via travel.

​Reflecting with the Gnostic goddess Sige, you will be asked to compose an essay revealing the healings, divine guidance and transformations that have occurred within you over the last two levels. You will be encouraged to dip into the stream of human collective memory, evolving and completing the revelation of unique secrets, stories, and contributions of each individual goddess in the series. You will fully unlock and reclaim your abilities as a natural healer, becoming a clear vibrational channel of goddess wisdom. You will find your psychic instincts, clairvoyant abilities and overall skillset amplified with gifts from the goddesses, allowing you to heal others and yourself through the sacred lenses of the goddesses.​

​You will continue your Higher Priestess Practitioner ®™ development by learning how to maintain a lifestyle introspective of authenticity, integrity, balance, and neutrality within the feminine & masculine aspects of the human experience, and how to symbiotically 'level up' as your vibrational cultivation expands within the 5D.

​Finally, you and your classmates will participate in a momentous and exciting 7 day trip to be held in a sacred international location, completing your initiation process within the divine feminine and earning the title of Higher Priestess Practitioner, Goddess Master ®™. 

You will be asked to teach the group in a presentation about a chosen Goddess that Velva Dawn is guided to connect you with. ​In conjunction with extensive one on one time with Velva Dawn, Level III requires pure commitment in finalizing your healing journey. To sit the Level III exam, 100% participation in all portions of the course is required. If guided, Velva Dawn may have you write your exam at a time better suited for you. Personal expansion occurs differently for everyone and Velva Dawn truly values acknowledging the progression and expansion of each pupil as an individual.


Please note the travel/practical component is in addition to completion of levels 1 & 2, and theory component part 1 of level 3.

All travel expenses will be the students responsibility.


Maximum enrollment 10

​$2,500.00 plus GST CA (Total Price of $2,625.00, tax included in check out price)



​HPP Certified Instructor Program is a 3-day workshop and additional 4-day theory where you will exclusively train with Velva Dawn Silver and up to 4 other participants, further exploring the stories & secrets of 13 more goddesses and connecting to their infinite energies that permeate the core of The Goddess Healing Matrix System ®™.​

This program will also be the beginning of a 12-month mentorship with Velva Dawn, designed to help you develop confidence as a Higher Priestess Practitioner Instructor ®™ and cultivate a more intimate partnership with The Goddess Healing Matrix System ®™. 

​​You’ll be invited to integrate all that you’ve learned in each level so far and you’ll create a life destined for unleashed, wide open, infinite expansion.

​If guided, Velva Dawn may offer you an exclusive apprenticeship opportunity to work alongside her, assisting as she teaches HPP Levels I, II and Level II Goddess Master certifications. Monthly zoom meetings for this are mandatory as is assisting with all scheduled classes.

Please note during this course you will be meditating for long stretches over the course of 3 days.  Velva Dawn asks that you arrive prepared with comfortable clothing, yoga mat, blanket, and anything else you may require. There is no exam for this course.​

​Maximum enrollment 5

$4999.00 plus GST CA

(Total Price of $5,248.95, tax included in check out price)


Things You Will Need on Your

Higher Priestess Practitioner Journey


For HPP Level I please invest in one of each of these crystals:

Lapis Lazuli; Rose Quartz; Avalon Blue Andara; Cuprite or Divine Fire Andara; Moonstone; Purple or Multicolored Fluorite or Staurolite; Black Arrowhead Obsidian or Orange Carnelian; Blue Lace Agate; Green Fluorite; Green Aventurine or Malachite.​


For HPP Level II please invest in one of each crystal:

Clear Quartz or Green Jade; Rhodonite or Kyanite; Herkimer Diamond; Danburite; Seraphinite; Hematite; Raw Blue Aquamarine; Brown or Red Tiger’s Eye; Larimar; Golden Topaz.

​For HPP Level III, Goddess Master please invest in one of each crystal:

Labradorite or Rhodochrosite; Red Sedona Rock; Ruby; Turquoise; Amazonite; Raw Citrine; Gray & White Moonstone; Azurite;

Selenite; Sodalite; Sugilite.​

​Further supplies and investments not mentioned here for course study or mentorship may be necessary.

Please note that in person sessions, workshops or theory courses that require travel (both domestic and international), do not include accommodations of any kind including passport applications or fees, travel organization or fees, lodging, meals or any other travel related expenditure.

​It is recommended you invest in Velva Dawn’s book Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses and the Awakening of the Divine Oracle Deck, which you may purchase here:

Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses

Awakening of the Divine Oracle Deck

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