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Monthly Goddess Mini Courses
Monthly Goddess
Minimalist Courses
Higher Priestess Practitioner®™
Higher Priestess
Practitioner ®™
Guided Goddess Meditations for Purchase and Download
Guided Goddess
Meditations to Download
Unwinding the Divine Masculine
Unwinding the Divine
Goddess Alchemy Healing Mentorship
Goddess Alchemy
Healing Mentorship
Godess Girlpower®™
Goddess GirlPower®™
For girls 8-18

Healing Sessions

Custom Birthday Sessions
30 Minute Chakra Consult Velva Dawn Silver
30 Minute
Chakra Consultation & 1 Card Read
In Person & Zoom
30 Minute Intuitive Read Velva Dawn Silver
Intuitive Read
In person & Zoom
60 Minute Intuitive Read Velva Dawn Silver
Intuitive Read
In person & Zoom
60 Minute
& Relaxation Meditation
Online Sessions
Intuitive Deep Dive
Goddess Healing
Custom Birthday
& Yearly Intuitive Forecast Sessions
Celebrate You!
30 Minute
Deep Healing Sessions
Personalized for You

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Healing Testimonials


"I am very honored and blessed that Velva Dawn opened her heart to me and allowed me to do The Higher Priestess Practitioner®™ Level 1 course by distance, when I was guided to ask her to find a way to make her knowledge more accessible to more people. This course has helped me in so many ways, with self-healing, increased self-awareness, strength, wisdom, and love at a very high vibration. This course has helped me to get through barriers and fears that I have been trying to release for a while. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to explore themselves at a very deep level. Thanks a bunch. I am very blessed and honored to have worked with you."  Holly Ross


"Transformation begins with you, look inward for all of the answers."  -Velva Dawn Silver

Holiday Specials

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Gift your loved ones with the opportunity of inner peace, healing and love! Simply choose an amount and write your personalized message to make this gift your own. Choose from $100, $200 or $300 denominations and treat yourself or a loved one with the ultimate gift of relaxation! 


Join Velva Dawn for a recorded reading for 2022,  personalized just for you! Velva Dawn will do a 13 card spread from her Awakening of the Divine Oracle deck for December 1, 2021 to December 1, 2022.  Each month will include the goddess wishing to work with you and a personalized theme to aide you in deep healing, while the energy of the divine feminine helps you to focus on inner work for yourself, all whilst learning how to use the goddess energy to implement these messages in your life. You will begin to see a shift in your outer world as you dive in deep to connect with the areas within yourself that need nurturing. The readings will be recorded throughout the first week in December 2020 so that you can plan the upcoming months. This is not just a 13 month reading but a healing reading to help you create inner balance for your upcoming year. You will be sent the recording to view at your leisure. Investment of $159.60 (includes GST CA)

 Velva Dawn Silver
The Woman Behind it All
©Velva Dawn Silver
©Velva Dawn Silver
©Velva Dawn Silver
©Velva Dawn Silver

Author & Founder of the Goddess Healing Matrix System ®™

Inspirational author, intuitive counselor, speaker, founder, and creator of The Goddess Healing Matrix System®™, Velva Dawn Silver has designed the Higher Priestess Practitioner®™ courses and the counterpart children’s program, Goddess Girl Power®™ - Divine Feminine Empowerment for girls aged 8 to 18.  Her first publication, Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses, introduces us to 31 Divine goddesses that Velva Dawn has intimately studied & channeled.  Paired with her Awakening of the Divine Oracle Cards, both are the cornerstone & foundation of her work. With a new publication being currently penned, Unwinding the Divine Masculine, Velva Dawn is on a continued mission of demonstrating to both men and women how to truly unlock & ignite their passions and create the life they truly yearn for.