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HPP Goddess Master is the final level of the Higher Priestess Practitioner ®™ trilogy, where you will become intimately acquainted with the last 11 goddesses in Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses. There are two parts to this trilogy: Part 1 is the theory education component and Part 2 is the practical component, done via travel.


Reflecting with the Gnostic goddess Sige, you will be asked to compose an essay revealing the healings, divine guidance and transformations that have occurred within you over the last two levels. You will be encouraged to dip into the stream of human collective memory, evolving and completing the revelation of unique secrets, stories, and contributions of each individual goddess in the series. You will fully unlock and reclaim your abilities as a natural healer, becoming a clear vibrational channel of goddess wisdom. You will find your psychic instincts, clairvoyant abilities and overall skillset amplified with gifts from the goddesses, allowing you to heal others and yourself through the sacred lenses of the goddesses.​


You will continue your Higher Priestess Practitioner ®™ development by learning how to maintain a lifestyle introspective of authenticity, integrity, balance, and neutrality within the feminine & masculine aspects of the human experience, and how to symbiotically 'level up' as your vibrational cultivation expands within the 5D.


Finally, you and your classmates will participate in a momentous and exciting 7 day trip to be held in a sacred international location, completing your initiation process within the divine feminine and earning the title of Higher Priestess Practitioner, Goddess Master ®™.  You will be asked to teach the group in a presentation about a chosen Goddess that Velva Dawn is guided to connect you with.

In conjunction with extensive one on one time with Velva Dawn, Level III requires pure commitment in finalizing your healing journey. To sit the Level III exam, 100% participation in all portions of the course is required. If guided, Velva Dawn may have you write your exam at a time better suited for you. Personal expansion occurs differently for everyone and Velva Dawn truly values acknowledging the progression and expansion of each pupil as an individual.


Maximum enrollment 10

$2,500.00 plus GST CA (Total Price of $2,625.00, tax included in check out price)


Please note the travel/practical component is in addition to the theory Part 1. All travel expenses will be the students responsibility.

Higher Priestess Practitioner, Goddess Master

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