Be Unframeable!

It's time to BE unframeable! Untameable! Transparent...

The adversity is strong blowing through the winds of change as we bring forth the deep awakening of what life really means to oneself. I believe that everyone gets one deep jolt of awakening to what life really means to you at one point in your life. Some get many. What matters is that it's an invitation to review it ALL.

I think that my theme song is "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol lol. I have rarely been fan of following the norm and staying in a comfort zone too long. Each of us has our unique life path. Some were born to blaze the path and others to follow. It's all okay neither is right or wrong so we need to remember this. We have duality for a reason period. Let's not make it wrong.

I want to use my energy for forging a new path that feels in alignment to me. Simplify life. When something feels dense let it go. When it feels good embrace it. Yes it's meant to be that simple. I am off soon to chase waterfalls in my favourite place in the world! I have moved through a lot of fears to get here.

In fact, it seems surreal but now tangible. Life can come together better than I could ever have imagined. So believe in your selfie...this is a photo I took in Florence, Italy.

I love you xo #velvadawnthekeysofawakening #unwindingthedivinemasculine