Some Welcome & Wonderful Feedback!

I have had much feedback from my book Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses! I wanted to share this moment with each of you, as I know many of you are having different healing experiences while reading!

Here is an amazing experience from a friend with the Goddess Kali!

" I bought your book for a reason! Today after seeing you, I ran some more errands. My pain intensified in my stomach/gallbladder and my throat was very tight! I needed some relief so I grabbed your book while I jumped into a VERY hot tub to try to let go of some of the pain. ( Helps sometimes with the gallbladder). I opened the book to the chapter on Kali, Honoring cycles.

Did the meditation~ WOW... I totally felt above myself and out of my physical body. It was very real... the white light pulsating through my body from crown to foot. When I came back into my body, I totally felt refreshed and the pain was absolutely gone! ( I could barely make it upstairs prior to this). The hindu Goddess Kali made her way to me today to offer this healing. I am grateful to you and the divine intervention of running into you today! Your light and presence are very healing! The stories in the chapter were very personal and I could identify much with them. THANK YOU!

I believe my life is releasing old energy, patterns that do no serve and I am welcoming in the new energy. Accepting it is a process. I will call on Kali to help with this and feel I totally needed her healing today!"

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