Shadow Preview

Huge karmic review is happening right now. We are processing layers of the older dimensions. You may find that you are reviewing interactions with people from the past in your dreams or in your day thoughts. Allow yourself to go to that place and surrender to those places. It's time to move into zero point neutrality within life.

To be an observer is the key to being in the flow of a balanced life. Detaching from your perceived view of the outcome is what we need to truly surrender to. Trusting that the universe will bring the ebb and flow of what is for our greatest good is what we need to dial in.

Control is a thing of the past. Trust is the new paradigm. As you review your own shadow work you will see other's respond to you in a different light. Digging up the underbelly of the lower feelings is the best work that you can be doing right now.

Opening up the flow of trust in vibrational frequencies is what will open the new doors for you. Don't run from the shadow but stand in it and ask it what it has to teach you? Duality exists within each of us all living things. Embrace it and try to flow to the matrix of grace. If you need support working through this shadow work I have a few options to help you.

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