Moving from the fringe to the centre of all life takes guts! Sometimes we like sit in the outer edges of anothers life, or even our own, to feel safe in the shadows, sifting through our own undeserving energy of power.

Standing tall in the centre takes deep courage, self confidence, trust, clarity and authenticity of oneself. Some people like to keep a lot of people at a distant, on the fringe around them, to feel comfort in this distant connection.

I have many stories from the dating world 101. I am continually learning so much from this world about how there are A LOT of people who have a healthy connection to AVOIDANCE. Let's pretend that I wrote in my profile that I said that I wanted a relationship and that my view of a "relationship" looks like I will see you once a week because I am so BUSY. First off BUSY is just an excuse. It's something that we use when we are avoiding something that makes us feel uncomfortable. We all do it...but it's not a fair assessment of authenticity. Be honest! Call it like it is.

Change your status to "Casual" meaning I haven't dealt with my own sh*t and I don't have clarity on what I want for myself or in a partner so let's invite you into my life to stir up all of these old triggers. Whew! Rant over...

I don't know that I believe in the sanctity of marriage anymore but I do believe in the cordial respect and decency in human kindness. So I ask you to look at how other's perceive you? Do you have clarity with what you WANT in your life? Are you sending mixed signals to those around you to feel comfort in the fringe? Are you comfortable in anothers fringe? Why don't you feel worthy of standing in the centre of your own needs with confidence and clarity? Sift through your relationships and take charge of what you need from other's around you. Make these changes and see how it brings balance into your life when you aren't allowing other's to leak the energy from your clarity. Hold that sacred container close and know that your time, space and connection is your most valuable commodities. Don't be afraid to move from the #fringe to the centre of life! You are deserving. #unwindingthedivinemasculine