Cope & Hope

Do you find yourself in that coping in hope cycle? Always hoping that something will change?! Days, weeks and years pass by and you recognize that your light is dimming, holding this space for change from another?

What I realized is that change only comes from deep within ourselves. When we are wishing and waiting for another to change to fit into our perception, we aren’t honouring our own wishes.

We may be afraid to share our deep truth for fear of what the truth will bring to the light. Burying our hopes doesn’t feed them. In fact it delays them. Sometimes it takes time to build the inner courage enough to share your truth of what you need with another person. Timing is always key but check in to see if you are avoiding. Your body holds a frequency and when you are resisting your truth it can withhold expansion.

Remember hope is a good thing but coping and hoping that one day things will change usually doesn’t happen without inner truth being shared. #getreal with yourself #velvadawnthekeysofawakening