Lifting the Veils of Illusion

We are beginning to see the affirmation of what we are thinking come to life in an instant.

You may be finding that your deepest fears have rose to the surface in a fury. This is a blessing as it pushes you to make change and to deal with these deep fears.

When you move the process of death of the fear you will expand your inner power as well as your voice. These are the gifts that come from moving through the depths of your shadow.

It’s been one hell of year for this opportunity. If you have been slogging through your fears then you might be feeling some relief now. If you are just beginning, trust that there is a light at the end of that crazy void. We are all in this together so ask for help if you need to. We need to lean on each other as a collective. If people have shifted out of your life allow the process, don’t force it. They may circle back and they may not.

Hold your hands upon your heart and feel the gratitude of the shifts within you and more will come.

Remember it all starts with you. I love you.

I will be taking a couple weeks off for a holiday…yes you read this right! I will be taking bookings for November 12 and beyond!

And my new website will be up very soon so stay tuned for this beautiful creation.

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