I Want The Whole Cake!

I want the whole cake and nothing but the whole damn cake! My counselor is always saying don't ever settle for just the crumbs girl you deserve the whole damn thing. As I look over my life I begin to question myself as to why did I at one point even feel that I only deserved to have the crumbs? Where did this begin?

I am not saying that this has been an easy road being ridiculed for "feeling" too much. This is a gift! That I know for sure.

To feel means that you have unearthed a whole lifetime of pain. To feel means that you get to feel the highs and lows of life and yes, you need to experience both sides of duality!

I went through a period in my adult life where I didn't fit in with the "norm". I felt too much and this triggered many people around me. I was too emotional. So at one point I began to lack confidence. I felt abnormal because I was "feeling" too much.

Fast forward 15 years....I feel because it's my reward for doing the deep work that I had suppressed for years. It's a gift to feel your own pain and other's pain too. So for the years that I felt alienated for my "feeling" and only feeling that I deserved the crumbs because I was not the norm....well those are long gone my friends. In fact what is NOT normal is not feeling. As a society we have been programmed to not feel anything and this isn't normal but it's easy until it's not.

So as I make my way through the dating world I know that I deserve the whole cake and nothing less. I do feel a lot and my intuition is finely tuned so these two qualities alone can make a man disappear like Puff the Magic Dragon!

So don't settle for the crumbs in life. If you are thinking a bit is better than nothing then review your assets, take a step back and sink into healing yourself before you proceed forward into any type of relationship. Yes each crumb leads you to the whole cake but don't stop at the crumbs.

Enjoy the fullness of life! Xo


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