How many of you like endings? Do you skip to the last chapter to see what happens or finish all before? Or do you patiently await the story line through the verbiage in each chapter?

Let's talk about life endings. Let's get real about endings that can wrench the heart. Whether you lose a loved one, a pet, the death of a relationship or your career, it's all the loss of a dream; the ending of physical momentum between the relationship or if are estranged from your children and or family members.

It's like shock sets in and you don't want to believe that it's over... that you can't pick up the phone and call, or text and share.

You begin to review the good memories in your mind over and over again in time. Over time the pain fades, the hope dissipates and you begin to accept the creation of new dreams. Timing is different for each person.

Sometimes endings can be happy, like the birth of a baby, a wedding celebration, a job promotion or finishing a book that you have been working on for a couple years. Yes you read that right.

Writing a book is very similar to giving birth. You go through all of the feels that you experienced in sharing your descriptive words, exploring what others will gain from my words that I am sharing so vulnerably and authentically from my lens.

I am truly opening myself up for judgement from each reader. People will know sacred details about my life. What will they think?

Well my friends, as I begin to close up this second book of four, I share deeply that the intent of my book, Unwinding the Divine Masculine, is truly my truth. I can only share my experience from my words.

I am not writing to please everyone but with the intent to help other's recognize their own growth through my own private stories. Am I scared about sharing so deeply? Sh*t yes! As they say huge growth ignites the fear inside as it shifts you out of your comfort zone. Go big or go home as I always say. As my mentors have said to me, "Velva Dawn if this is your truth, then that is all that matters."

Enough said. Sometimes endings hurt but only for the purpose of expanding into something greater that you can't see yet.

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