Beginning Again

There is no shame in picking yourself back up off of the floor and beginning again. As it’s messy and yes it takes awhile to sort through the shame, blame and hopeless feelings. Allow yourself all of those. Don’t live in those feelings forever. They aren’t a home to build upon but only a temporary shelter to regain your inner peace.

The darkest moments in our lives give us the spice of wisdom during those tough moments in the future. Trust that you will make different choices in the future because you have already experienced the latter. So many of us fear that we will repeat the same pattern that we feel caused our previous failure. We need to trust the wisdom within will give us a more expanded library of wisdom to choose from in experiences to come.

What we need to let go of is the hesitation to begin again. It’s that cycle they can be debilitating. Remember that the ocean continues to ebb and flow after a tsunami and in time it regains balance just as you will. All cycles have a purging of what is excess. Trust that you are wiser and will use that moving forward.

I love you xo

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