Monthly Goddess Minimalist Course & Meditation

Join Velva Dawn Silver in an exciting monthly 'mini' course, where you will be introduced to the Goddess of Month and invited to participate in a curriculum fully concentrated on deep dives, immense release, and rapid expansion. These courses offer an excellent means of learning how to connect with the divine feminine within yourself.

​This fast paced workshop transpires over the course of two 90 minute, live session evenings via zoom. You will reflect on the core healing quality, message and affirmation of your goddess, crystal & chakra healing, and be part of a unique, exquisitely led meditation channeled live by Velva Dawn.

​In addition, when you book the workshop, you will be given full access to a Facebook group where you will be able to print your workbook, access your zoom classroom link, connect with other class members, share homework assignments and revelations, and reach out for extended support from Velva Dawn and the rest of the group.

​These workshops are an open invitation to everyone, no matter where you are on your healing or the Goddess Healing Matrix System®™ journey. 

$162.75 (includes GST CA)
Online via Zoom Video