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©Velva Dawn Silver Awakening of the Divine Oracle Deck
©Velva Dawn Silver Awakening of the Divine Oracle Deck
©Velva Dawn Silver
Velva Dawn Silver

Inspirational author, intuitive counselor, speaker, founder, and creator of The Goddess Healing Matrix System ®™, Velva Dawn Silver has designed the Higher Priestess Practitioner ®™ courses and the counterpart children’s program, Goddess Girl Power ®™ - Divine Feminine Empowerment for girls aged 8 to 18.  Her first publication, Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses, introduces us to 31 Divine goddesses that Velva Dawn has intimately studied & channeled. 


Paired with her Awakening of the Divine Oracle Cards, both her book & oracle deck are the cornerstone & foundation of her work. With a new publication being currently penned, Unwinding the Divine Masculine, Velva Dawn is on a continued mission of guiding men and women how to truly unlock & ignite their passions and create the life they truly yearn for.​

​Years after experiencing traumatic abuse as a young woman, Velva Dawn found an intuitive within with no enduring evidence of negative energy ‘round her memories of abuse. Her unexpected response at the time: “Yeah, I know—I cleared that.”

​It all began with an intrinsic knowing to call upon the divine feminine. Velva Dawn began channeling the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, whom she likes to call the “kick-your-butt goddess”. Isis ignited Velva Dawn’s goddess flame and initiated her deep healing and release of non serving narratives and patterns. Feeling compelled to share Isis’ and other legendary goddesses sacred wisdom with others, Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses was borne, becoming the foundation for Velva Dawn's life-altering system, The Goddess Healing Matrix System ®™, which she created to help courageous men and women activate their inner goddess, awaken their divine wisdom, and access the spiritual tools necessary for lasting inner peace.

Velva Dawn embraces and collectively joins in the Hermetic 'as above, so below' philosophy, and nurtures her students & clientele’s ability to enhance & integrate their universal & dimensional practices upon their everyday earthly experiences.

​Another of Velva Dawn’s life philosophies is that every being possesses the comprehensive expertise to heal pain, eradicate fear and genuinely implement self-love & trust by facilitating a deep-rooted expansion through the 31 divine goddesses in her book. By encompassing theologies, divinities and sacred wisdom ranging from all corners of the globe including Ancient Egypt, Greek mythology, Catholicism, Native American legend, Hindu philosophy, Buddhist tradition and more, the GHMS experience encourages an expansive shift into a higher state of consciousness, one brimming with pure potential and discovering the inner means that each one of us holds within to take full responsibility for the individual and collective life experience.

​​Sharing the goddess wisdom is Velva Dawn’s passion. She fosters an expanded, clear, highly vibrational space that is confidential, supportive, and accepting. She advocates for the ignition of self-love within us all and is genuinely honored to serve with a wide open heart. She encourages all of humanity to nurture their energy, unfold & release the layers no longer applicable to a joyful life and begin walking within the self-promise of healing, integrity, and balanced neutrality.


Velva Dawn is a proud mother to her three beautiful girls Kayla, Josie and Erin and her puppy Laila.