Born and raised in the region of Alberta,Canada, Velva Dawn Silver knew early on in life that there was more to this world than meets the eye. Especially when, as an early adult, she was intuitively guided within to harness the healing frequencies of the Goddess Isis.

It did not take long after her revelation with Isis that Velva Dawn began channeling more of the ancient healing knowledge and gifts that so uniquely embodies each individual Goddess that came forth. Spaces within her that once struggled with trauma, cognitive distortions and fears began liquidating themselves into crystalline channels, flowing with up-sourced and multi-dimensional frequencies.

During this time her book, Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses, and Awakening of the Divine Oracle Deck were created, as was The Goddess Healing Matrix System ®™, all a direct manifestation of work she herself has so intimately experienced.

Velva Dawn knew that sharing her methodologies were going to play a pinnacle role in advancement into the 5D. She also knew that her continued evolvement would be of vital significance to the tasks at hand.

©Velva Dawn Silver

Velva Dawn Silver

Velva Dawn in Canada with her soul horse, Luna, and with her Awakening of the Divine Oracle Deck, on her sacred land in

Kona, Hawaii.

©Velva Dawn Silver
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©Velva Dawn Silver

Focusing on her primary passions, the ocean, Hawaii and traveling the globe, it was only natural that Velva Dawn would integrate into the next phase of her healing and alchemical journey through these frequencies. Throughout her extensive journeys, Velva Dawn began experiencing a more advanced range of clarity, clairsenses, and ancient knowledge was once again revealed within her.

She began weaving energies in the sacred locations she traveled, using sacred geometry to create open ended portals of amalgamated 5D energy, helping Earth to balance out of polarity and into an integrated, synergistic, steady flow of 5D frequencies. Velva Dawns life mission is showing others how to harness these frequencies and transform into energetically sovereign beings.

​Velva Dawn’s life work has been a fulfilling and meaningful experience. She has embraced each opportunity of ascension and all of the emotion that came with it, leaving no layer undone within. Any physical or spiritual effort Velva Dawn asks of those she connects with is work she herself has explored and mastered.

Through her wide-open lens, methodologies and exquisitely channeled meditations, Velva Dawn has become a distinguished master and Elder in the fields of divine masculine & feminine harmony, therapeutic chakra expansion, clairsentient attunement, energy alignment, quantum healing and so much more. She shares her gifts acquiescently and inspires all around her to discover and explore their own abilities in becoming a truly energetical savant.

Velva Dawn Silver is a published author, keynote speaker, and natural intuitive that has developed intensive healing workshops and customized healing sessions for men and women looking to motivate and energize into their fullest potential. She spends as much time as possible swimming in the crystal-clear Pacific Ocean when visiting her sacred land in Kona, Hawaii, and in the many frigid and cleansing lakes and waterfalls at her home in Canada. She has three beautiful, deeply cherished and loved daughters, Kayla, Josie and Erin, and is a dog mom to her canine friend, Laila.