​You will be sequentially introduced to 31 goddesses in Velva Dawn’s book, Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses and will experience their quantifiable healing qualities and support firsthand.

​You will hone meditation skills and learn how to burn through and release old, outdated, lingering belief systems, self-narratives and energies that cause you pain and no longer serve you, allowing you to be fully open to receive an acutely profound, intentional healing that will encourage you to honor and release past traumas and create new foundations built from integrity and independence.​

​You will put a primary focus on learning the seven chakras and how to tap into, align and tone them, leaving you wholly stasis and feeling unbounded empowerment, grace, and infinite self-love.​

​You will learn to embrace the living energies expressed through each goddess, their affirmation, crystal, associated chakra, and how to invoke the goddess energy in your day-to-day life.​

​You will discover core transformation through a step by step, guided metamorphosis and experience healing past life integration, creating an aligned present.

​Finally, you will learn about goddess oracle cards, releasing ceremonies, how to create your own healing elixirs, and how to intimately channel the goddesses in addition to much more, all leading up to you becoming a certified, and if you chose, practicing Higher Priestess Practitioner®™.