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HPP Level II  invites you to unfurl the ancient secrets of 10 more goddesses from Velva Dawn’s book, Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses, where you will broaden your spectrum of intuition & lens of awareness, increase your ability to recognize & heal misalignment within yourself and clientele, and truly harness & tap into the frequencies of the divine feminine, further refining your intuition so that it’s clearer and more accurate than ever before.

You will focus primarily on your Heart, Throat, 3rd eye and Crown chakras and will delve deeper into your own personal spiritual healing while supported within The Goddess Healing Matrix System ®™.  You’ll learn to connect with the phases of the moon, create your own healing elixirs and deepen your understanding of crystal healing all while becoming more advanced in your channeling abilities.


Your continued journey into sacred geometry, the divine feminine and chakra & crystal healing will enhance your intuition so that it’s sharper & more precise. You’ll also begin to integrate everything you’ve learned by working with clients, voluntarily completing 13 practical healing sessions on family, friends, or established clients before the classroom portion of this level.

HPP Level II  is an approach requiring full-on personal commitment to self-healing, lending an in-depth methodology into heightening intuition, fluidity in being able to recognize, heal & release past lives, increased self-awareness & nurturing, further knowledge working with crystals and their healing proprieties, and the importance of living a wholly accountable lifestyle.

To further support your HPP Level II  journey, you will  be given exclusive access to a private Goddess Healing Matrix ®™ Alumni Facebook group for continued support and connection, where you are encouraged to ask questions, engage, and interact in a fully supported, expansive environment.

Maximum enrollment 10

​$1800.00 plus GST CA (Total Price of $1,890.00, tax included in check out price)