​Unless otherwise specified, all sessions will launch live on Zoom in Mountain Standard Time and, dependent on the scheduling, can be anywhere from 90 minutes to a full day class with scheduled breaks. When you receive your call links and schedule, please arrange your calendar to be able to participate in every session.​

We will be offering in person certifications now and these will be three days at a chosen location in a small group setting. It is best if you can create a retreat environment for yourself as you settle into this deep healing work for yourself. 

​Upon receiving payment, you will be added to the final class roster and will receive your workbook via mail or a printable link. Velva Dawn encourages you to work ahead and complete the workbook before your first scheduled class.​

​For HPP Level I  please invest in one of each crystal:

Lapis Lazuli; Rose Quartz; Avalon Blue Andara; Cuprite or Divine Fire Andara; Moonstone; Purple or Multicolored Fluorite or Staurolite; Black Arrowhead Obsidian or Orange Carnelian; Blue Lace Agate; Green Fluorite; Green Aventurine or Malachite.​

​For HPP Level II  please invest in one of each crystal:

Clear Quartz or Green Jade; Rhodonite or Kyanite; Herkimer Diamond; Danburite; Seraphinite; Hematite; Raw Blue Aquamarine; Brown or Red Tiger’s Eye; Larimar; Golden Topaz.

​For HPP Level III, Goddess Master please invest in one of each crystal:

Labradorite or Rhodochrosite; Red Sedona Rock; Ruby; Turquoise; Amazonite; Raw Citrine; Gray & White Moonstone; Azurite; Selenite; Sodalite; Sugilite.​

​Further supplies and investments not mentioned here for course study or mentorship may be necessary.

Please note that in person sessions, workshops or theory courses that require travel (both domestic and international), do not include accommodations of any kind including passport applications or fees, travel organization or fees, lodging, meals or any other travel related expenditure.

​It is recommended you invest in Velva Dawn’s book Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses and the Awakening of the Divine Oracle Deck, which you may purchase here:

​Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses (Amazon Canada)

Awakening of the Divine Oracle Deck (Amazon Canada)

During each classroom session Velva Dawn will discuss workbook questions, channel healing deep dive meditations, individually check in on your progress, provide energetic support to aide in clearing of any visceral obstructions or congestion within your meridians, chakras & frequencies and answer any questions you might have. In turn, each pupil is asked to follow through and complete any required homework before each session. At the end of Levels I, II and Goddess Master ®™ there will be a mandatory exam and essay that you must attain a score of at least 80% to pass the certification.

​All payments are final. Refunds are issued only in the case of cancellation.

​The Goddess Healing Matrix ®™ and Higher Priestess Practitioner ®™ titles and logos are registered and trademarked to Velva Dawn Silver and may not be used for private or profitable means by anyone other than Velva Dawn Silver, creator, and founder.