HPP Certified Instructor Program is a 3-day workshop and additional 4-day theory where you will train exclusively with Velva Dawn Silver and up to 4 other participants, further unlocking the ancient secrets of 13 more goddesses and connecting to the infinite energies that permeate the core of The Goddess Healing Matrix System®™.​

This program is be the beginning of a 12-month mentorship with Velva Dawn, designed to help you develop confidence as a Higher Priestess Practitioner Instructor®™ and cultivate a more intimate partnership with The Goddess Healing

Matrix System®™, leaning into and integrating the progression of everything you've awakened to thus far.

Part of the 3-day workshop is preparation for the teaching experience and will include extended periods of meditation. It will be beneficial for you to come dressed in relaxed clothing and with anything you require to be comfortable, such as a yoga mat, blankets, yoga blocks, meditation pillow, water bottle or whatever will allow you to reap the benefits of this experience comfortably.

​In addition, you may be offered an exclusive apprenticeship opportunity to work alongside Velva Dawn, assisting as she teaches HPP Levels I, II and Level III Goddess Master certifications. This will require additional commitments of attending monthly zoom meetings as well as being present and prepared to assist in teaching any scheduled classes or sessions.


There is no exam for this course.​

​Maximum enrollment 5

$4999.00 plus GST CA (Total Price of $5,248.95, tax included in check out price)