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Velva Dawn Silver-Hughes
The Goddess Healing Matrix System™ 

How would you like to connect with the healing energy of the Divine Feminine?

Introducing . . .

A multi-level training experience that will unlock the ancient secrets of the goddesses—from Mother Mary to Aphrodite. 

Heighten your intuition. Unleash your inner goddess.
And walk away feeling profoundly moved, deeply peaceful, and thoroughly infused with celestial energy.

What is the Divine Feminine?

Emancipating. Heart fueling. Soul healing. Infinite.

It’s an invitation—to shift and expand. 
And a declaration—of love, to the world. 

It means releasing the pull to self-sabotage. Choosing from your heart and not your head. And loving and living in a way that feels gloriously empowered. 

When you align with this energy, you’ll witness your own gorgeous transformation—from the inside out.

You’ll cultivate serenity—and wave “goodbye” to stress. 
And you’ll

If you’re not willing to start looking at what’s rrrreally going on in your life, then you’re (sadly) not ready for this system.

But if you’re stoked to make a soul connection and primed to dig deep, brace yourself—because we’ll get to the root of what’s been causing you pain, in this lifetime. 

If you’re already a healer, this is your chance to open up your intuition at an even higher level. 

In short—if you’re interested in the metaphysical realm and craving spiritual expansion; The Goddess Healing Matrix System™ is for you. 

Ready to ignite your inner goddess?

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Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses
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The Keys of Awakening Radio Show
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